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Portfolio: Furnishings for Shops and Offices

Browse Sestini & Corti’s portfolio regarding furnishings for shops and offices, and you’ll discover the options on offer if you want to renew the interiors of your business. Through the years we collaborated with renowned interior architects, allowing us to gain expertise and making Sestini & Corti a leader in its field.

We at Sestini & Corti know how important it is for a business to be recognizable and have a unique, easily identifiable brand. The best business card to convey the meaning and the message of your brand is the choice of the space where your office or shop is located. Defining your business’ personality also means choosing the best furniture items to go with the style of your shop: Sestini & Corti’s experts and artisans will be able to help you lay down your restyling plan and follow every step of the process.

A unique furnishing style for your brand

In our portfolio you’ll find some examples of the projects we carried out thought the years. We have fulfilled various requests: from clothing shops to travel agencies and development companies’ offices. We at Sestini & Corti will study with you the best solutions for your needs. As we do for every project, we will be with you every step of the way, from the project to the end of construction, and we will curate every detail and share every decision. From pavements to lamps, from tables to chairs, our artisans will lead you through the choice of materials, lines, colors, and decide with you the style that best represents your brand.

Be inspired by Sestini & Corti’s portfolio of furniture for shops and offices and come to our showroom: we will be able to talk from professional to professional, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, and together we will draft a project to relaunch and restyle your brand. Because the style and personality of a brand are expressed through your furniture too.

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