Bars and Restaurants: Sestini & Corti’s best choices in interior design

Opening a bar or a restaurant is but the beginning of a long journey, along which you will encounter hardships, satisfactions, efforts and joys. When you take such a business choice, accidents could happen at any moment, and so it is important to start with solid foundations and all the tools necessary to be successful. A fundamental criterion is being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors by identifying your style and personality. The best way to communicate to others who you are and what services you offer goes inevitably through the ambience and atmosphere of your bar or restaurant, its furnishing and its interior design.
In the past few years we at Sestini & Corti have studied a furniture line that helps our clients make their bars and restaurants unique places through character and style. Our furniture items guarantee attention to every detail and have been made by our master artisans with a wide range of materials and finishings, using also old or recycled wood.






Our catalogue for bars and restaurants

Our catalogue includes tables, chairs, stools and many other furniture items for bars and restaurants. Each is handcrafted by our artisans who use original, guaranteed materials such as iron, wood and marble. Our aim is to always give you the best quality while respecting your requests in term of style, value and finishings. Whether your request concerns a restyling or a new opening of a bar or a restaurant, for us at Sestini & Corti your project will be a source of inspiration that will receive all our experience and expertise.

Aesthetics, functionality, quality. These are the characteristics of every furniture item for bars and restaurants made by Sestini & Corti: a process that combines Tuscan artisan tradition, innovation, research and style.
Come to our laboratory to find out the solutions we can offer you: during the entirety of your project we will help you in the choice of each furniture item, and you will be able to evaluate the best proposal among a wide range. You will be able to use our service of consultancy and planning to décor your bars and restaurants.
No project is too much for us: we can say, without any doubt, that in all our years of activity we have satisfied each request from our clients, even the more particular ones.

Every item for bars and restaurants by Sestini & Corti is the result of advanced handcraft: this allows us to satisfy requests for greater quantities without compromising the quality of finishing or materials.

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