Parquet: wooden flooring and artisanal handicraft

Parquets have always been a fundamental element in characterizing an interior: in the very moment you decide to décor a house, an office or a restaurant with solid wood pavement, you’ve already chosen a style based on hospitality, relaxation and comfort. We at Sestini & Corti have learned what this means: through the years we have always worked to create parquets that satisfy our clients’ needs, whether they are private citizens, companies or professionals.

The parquets we selected are completely made in Italy through an artisanal working process that we combined with the most modern techniques. This production process is a perfect blend of Tuscan artisanal tradition and innovation, and through it our experts can offer you a wide range of finishings and processings, making Sestini & Corti a leader in the field of solid wood pavements. We always strive to offer you stylistic solutions that will age but not grow old, to give your interiors a distinct, comfortable atmosphere.




Our parquets

One of the most fundamental aspects of the line of solid wood pavements by Sestini & Corti is the choice of wood, that our master artisans accurately pick out to guarantee the best quality standards. Every single board, every single strip is carefully analyzed: the processing itself only starts after a meticulous selection. Every solid wood pavement is tailor-made, planned specifically for each client: we curate all details, from finishing to processing, so that everything conforms to your tastes and needs. Lacquers, colors, consistency and resistance are elements that will guide the entire production process. No detail can and will be left to chance for one of the main parts of your furniture – the one that, alone, will define the personality of a room.

We invite you to come visit our laboratory and find out all the choices for solid wood pavements made available by Sestini & Corti. You will be able to ask questions to our experts so that, with their help, you will be able to identify the best kind of parquet for your needs.
Every parquet by Sestini & Corti is the result of advanced handcraft: this allows us to satisfy requests for greater quantities without compromising the quality of finishing or materials.

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