Revive: objects and living spaces with original high quality upcycled materials.

It's been over 40 years since the Sestini & Corti first started to browse old Italian houses and farms looking for ancient materials to be reclaimed and salvaged from being demolished.
Depending on their origin and quality, we select wooden beams and battens, terracotta floors, stone floors, stairs and all those antique architectural elements which once were made with a great mastery. These unique raw materials allow us to realize uncommon pieces of furniture, only created with the help of design and relaimed antique Tuscan materials.

We take care of projects coming both froom private and business clients, that can count on our great expertise and love for what we do.
At Sestini & Corti we can help you choose the right salvaged materials for buildings renovations and furnishing design, according to the Tuscan tradition.

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