Lamps by Sestini & Corti: interior design made of light

Details are important. Every single item that makes up the design of a space needs to harmonize and attune itself to the atmosphere and the style you have chosen. We at Sestini & Corti know the attention and the care that our clients pour into projecting their décor, and we know the value of one of the most characterizing elements: light.

Light defines, outlines, chisels, blends the lines and gives value to shapes: it must be used smartly, with the knowledge that it is another furniture item – it does not matter if we are discussing a pendant light or a wall light. Ask our experts: we will help you plan an efficient design for your light sources and study the best solutions for your interiors, homes, and commercial and lodging spaces.

Our lamps

Besides planning your lighting project, Sestini & Corti has an entire catalogue of design lamps to enrich and decorate your spaces. Our primary source of inspiration is industrial design: our experts recovered and then reproduced unique pieces, keeping intact all the characteristics of materials, in order to give you products of the highest quality and with an unmistakable style.

Sestini & Corti’s wall lamps, the flagship of our line, have the incredible merit of being discreet and yet never losing their personality, giving depth and distinctiveness to your interiors. Our artisans have created a combination of modern and vintage taste, expressed in strong yet elegant lines.

The same properties belong to our suspension lamps: ideal both for the dining and the living room, their design guarantees quality and resistance. They have been created through recycling of industrial materials and will give your interiors a stylish touch with an original, impactful design.

Sestini & Corti knows the taste of its clients: whatever your needs are regarding design lamps, whether you prefer wall lamps or suspension lamps, our experts and our artisans will satisfy all your request. Come visit our laboratory to discover our line of lamps and let us suggest you the best choice for you and your interiors.
Every lamp by Sestini & Corti is the result of advanced handcraft: this allows us to satisfy requests for greater quantities without compromising the quality of finishing or materials.

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