Portfolio: Home and Interior design

Through the years, we at Sestini & Corti have worked together with a number of ateliers on various home and interior design projects. Our portfolio presents the works that best represent the style and working process of Sestini & Corti. Whether you are renewing a farmhouse in the countryside or you have just chosen a new apartment in the city, our experts will be able to give you advice and help you find the best solution for your interior design.

The examples in our portfolio contain works carried out with the assistance of clients and architectural studios: all these works aim to fulfill the wishes of those who have chosen Sestini & Corti to enrich and give more personality to their houses.

You will find a variety of designs: they are all different, and yet they have in common those elements that characterize any Sestini & Corti project attention to details and materials, originality, style.

Make a project with Sestini & Corti

Our portfolio is also an excellent source of inspiration for those looking for ideas for their own restyling project: but keep in consideration that each furniture project by Sestini & Corti is custom made. You will be able to choose the best parquet, and the lamps that best fit the atmosphere youre trying to create in your home. The materials that our artisans use are accurately selected and salvaged respecting their original processing, keeping intact every mark left by the passing of time a true added value to your furniture.

We at Sestini & Corti are directly involved with every phase of the project and the making of the furniture. In our portfolio you will see, for example, collaborations aimed at renewing entire farmhouses as well as simple parts of an apartment. Whether it is the study of the positioning of light sources for your living areas or laying down a new pavement for your flat, our architects and experts will help you find the best solutions for you and your interiors.
These splendid pictures of the projects we realized through the years testify that our experience is always at your service to help you make true your ideal interior design for your home.

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